Multiply Christian Network is an informal partnership
of churches, leaders and groups with a vision to see a spread
of radical Christianity throughout the world.
Across the nations, the Holy Spirit is causing Christians to reach out to one another with the hand of friendship. Older churches are being revived and new churches and house groups are springing up.

There are now over 100 groups in the Multiply Network from around the world. This represents over 12,000 people joined together in mutual encouragement and support, to see their local area impacted by radical Christianity.

More and more churches worldwide are looking for the reality of brotherhood relationships. They look for mature wisdom and direction while remaining autonomous and free to make their own decisions as they work out the vision God has given them.

All Multiply partners remain autonomous and are free to make their own decisions and develop their vision within a fellowship of living Christianity. Most important in the Multiply Network are the relationships you build with other church leaders. We nurture relationships between partners of love, openness and honesty. Multiply partners have the opportunity to form mutually strengthening relationships with each other. It is a relational network, with an evangelical and charismatic focus. Smaller groups are welcome to the Network.

Multiply has a vision to take the gospel to the poor, the marginalised and the unchurched. We pursue social justice and responsibility with a strong vision for practical equality. We are a mixture of different cultures and races, all one family together in Christ.

The Multiply Christian Network upholds the historic creeds of the Christian faith including the Apostles’ Creed. Churches or groups would need to be generally sympathetic with a basic evangelical statement of faith, but no financial contribution would be necessary.

Multiply is open to churches of all sizes and styles and was initiated by the Jesus Fellowship Church in 1992.

If you’d like to join Multiply then contact a Multiply church in your area (contact details below).

International Multiply Offices

Multiply in East Africa

gregoryGregory Wafula
Christ Evangelistic Church
PO Box 62264 – 00200
Nairobi Kenya

Tel: +00 254 722 982 102


africawest1 matthewMatthew Oluwasesin
Glad Tidings Evangelical Church
12 Balogun Ladega Street
PO Box 477
Akinogun Ipaja Lagos
Tel: +234 1 873 1058
Mob: +234 8023 160 134